5 Important Steps To Maintain Electrical Installation

Electrical installations must be maintained to avoid short-circuiting which causes a fire. The importance of hiring electrician Lexington SC services to help us check and ensure there are no problems with electrical installations at home.

Especially in the dry season often causes electronic devices at home more easily heat. Hot electronic devices are also dangerous because they can cause an explosion. To maintain electrical installations, you can pay attention to the following steps:

1. It does not change the condition of the kWh meter / MCB tool itself. Changing this tool is not only dangerous but also will be threatened with a violation fine.

2. Check the electrical installation every five years to an accredited installer. So, if there is a cable damaged by heat or broken by a rat, it can immediately be replaced with a new cable and national standard.

3. Check the power jack. If it’s already black around it, change it immediately. Furthermore, do not stack the plug as this will cause excessive heat and cause a potential fire.

4. Keep electrical equipment away from flammable objects such as gas and paper.

5. Do not allow electronic equipment (such as televisions and cell phone chargers) to plugin for extended periods.

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