Benefits Of Paid Email

The use of email is very common now and everyone has it. But there are still doubts from email users to free email providers because of their data and important things that they store in emails. Although the current email system already uses email verification to anticipate hacking of emails by hackers, for some people it is still not enough. Paid email or which has other words email hosting, is suitable for companies who want a personal email account, not a ride. If you want to make free email is not a problem, but if your business wants to look professional then it is advisable to use email hosting.

Then what about the advantages of a paid email rather than a free email? And who should use email hosting? Here is a full review:

1. Professionalism

This is the main reason and the most popular reason when a company spends funds on email hosting. Even though free email can be used. Because the reason is more ‘bona fide’, they are finally reluctant to use free email. Using a personal email account with your domain name means that you have a personal email account. Thus, it will automatically raise your company’s image to be more ‘flashy’.

You are no longer using someone else’s domain or free e-mail, for example, e-mail from Yahoo, Gmail, and other services. You can design the email name according to your wishes, for example, is a company Always Success has the name email for services around company information or can be for new HR recruitment matters. The personal email finally makes the certainty of the existence of a real and trusted company.

2. Large storage capacity
Maybe you have a problem with the limited storage facilities via email when using a free e-mail. But with the paid email, you can get data storage in the hundreds of MB or even a few GB. Bigger and more flexible even if you have too many messages with large attachments.

3. Security is more guaranteed

Of course with the paid email, you get extra security. So if your email is hacked from someone who is not responsible, you can usually easily request recovery of your account to restore all data that might be lost.

You will be in direct contact with reliable customer service and technicians for security guarantees. This is even quite impossible with a free e-mail.

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