Homeowners Can Try These Tricks To Repair Clogged Toilets

Before you apply baking soda and vinegar solution to a clogged toilet, it will be even more maximal if you pour hot water first from the plate-high reach into the hole of your closet so that organic impurities can be softened and pushed. This hot water boost might reduce blockage. After a while, you can apply baking soda and vinegar solution and leave it overnight. In the morning check whether standing water is still there and try to water it again. If it still doesn’t work, it means there might be something hard clogging your closet. Try using unused clothes hanger made of iron. Aside from that, if your toilet is clogged severely, you might want to hire plumbers Columbia SC.

In addition, you can try a plumbing snake. Plumbing snake or often called cleaning with a wire made from bending is often used to help clear the blockage on the closet. This tool when used will follow the curve of the closet channel so that it will not damage and scratch parts of your closet. This method is also a lot of success because the flexibility of the wire owned by this tool will be able to reach hard objects stuck in your closet.

Furthermore, if you already have a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner), then you can use these tools to help you in the effort to overcome the clogged and clogged closet. Drain the pool of stagnant water in the bowl of your closet by using a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure the closet is completely dry so that it can facilitate the process of suctioning solid objects that are clogging. If it’s completely dry, you can insert the vacuum cleaner hose into the toilet hole and push it in for a few centimeters. Once it’s enough, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner. Use one hand while pushing slowly. This method is often successful.

Apart from that, you can use dishwashing liquid, shampoo, or bar soap. Pour liquid dishwashing soap, shampoo liquid or liquid produced from soaking rod-shaped bath soap into your closet as a way to overcome clogged toilet. Liquid soap can actually be used because it will break down fat in the stools that are there. Wait for about half an hour for the liquid soap to react first.

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