Most Common Problem Of A Chainsaw

Cutting up woods from a tree trunk previously is a hard work that need skills and experience. However, with the development of tools nowadays it could be an easy job because of the right and proper tools used that is an electric chainsaw. With various type of chainsaw available at it could be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. But you do not have to worry because in the site you will find the reviews of each type, the pros and cons so you could decide wisely which will suit you best.

Even with the best chainsaw available, sometimes a problem occurs. The most common problem is the sawing machine starts up but the chain does not turn. The cause of the chainsaw chain does not rotate even though the engine is running could be the chain setting is too tight, the bar or chain is broken, the gear that is broken, or it could also be how to attach the wrong chain and the chain brake moves. If this happens by releasing the chain brake, pull the chain brake back to the sound, then automatically the chain brake lock will open. To fix the chain settings that are too tight, we can reset the chain tension. Make sure that the blade is facing forward because the chain on the chainsaw not rotating can also be caused by the chain and also the gear that has been damaged, so, immediately replace it with a new one.

The saw engine does not reach full speed and emits excessive smoke can cause dirty air filters and carburetors need adjustments to happen because the fuel mixture used is wrong. To overcome them you need to use new fuel and the right oil mixture cycle ratio. Then by cleaning the air filter by washing it with soapy water until clean and rinse with warm water then dry it until it is completely dry. But if you are not sure what happens you need to get professional help so your chainsaw could work smoothly.

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