Some Reasons Why People Don’t Want to Make The Real ID

As we know, now the world can work 24/7. There is almost no rest or hours of sleep in big cities because people are still busy working both day and night. Many young people and still in school or college want to earn money by working part-time to help their families. Busyness is one of the main reasons a person can’t or doesn’t have the chance to make a license drive and decides to make a scannable fake id. Besides, there are several reasons they don’t want to make a valid ID card for their country.

Complicated process
For students from abroad or people who have to work in other countries, fake IDs are needed especially if they do not know what to do. Not only that, but there are also many local residents who are disappointed because they find it difficult to get a legitimate identity because of the complicated process they have to pass, especially if they do not meet the specified conditions.

Many brokers drain money
This is one problem that is often found and until now there may still be many people who offer services as brokers to make driving licenses. If you have to pay around $ 120 for a driver’s license that can be used in several countries, brokers will ask you to pay 3 times the price.

Unbelief in the government
Some of the Americans are supporters of the opposition team and they don’t believe in the current government. By giving their identity to the government, it is the same as agreeing to government programs and of course, that is contrary to their beliefs. Fake ID cards are a solution for them because it is a form of resistance to the government. They also don’t want to give their money to the government by paying for the process of making a driving license.

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