You May Beautify Your Walls By Using Cake-Wrapping Papers And Some Photos

The art of wall decoration does not die. One of the easiest and most creative ways is to use cake wrapping paper, glass lid paper, and food container paper. You can make these paper-like flowers that appear on your plain wall. Everyone can do it because you just simply stick these papers on the wall with colorful tacks. If it’s hard to get brightly colored tacks, just use nail polish to color your papers. No need to hesitate to try this technique, because besides being easy, the materials you need for your wall art are also cheap!

In addition, you can decorate the walls with your photos. Photos are objects that often fill the walls of a house. Often you also need to spend money to buy a figure. Now, it’s time for you to save your money, and put your photos up nicely using only patterns. Prepare some of your favorite photos that you will display. Then form a rough pattern on the wall – for example, the shape of a heart. Then, attach your favorite photos according to the pattern you specified. Without needing a lot of money, put up photos like this will also attract attention you know!

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