You Must Know This Before You Get Rid Of Mold From Your Car’s Windshield

Did you know that mold can also grow on the windshield of a car? Yes, mold can grow well if the car is often in a situation that makes the car moist and dirty. Bad habits such as vehicle owners do not rinse off the rest of the car washing soap, do not wipe the vehicle until it is completely dry after washing, and parking in any place can make the car window overgrown with mold. If the mold infestation is too severe, perhaps you need to bring your car to the certified company of auto glass repair Columbia SC.

It will be even worse if you are lazy to check the windshield to the experts regularly. Windshield covered with mold will disturb both the appearance of the car and the driver’s view while driving. Therefore, proper handling to eliminate mold and keep the car’s glass clean is very much needed.

There are many ways to combat the growth of mold on your windshield, one of which is with mildew cleaning fluid. Unfortunately, people still do not know about certain conditions where the mildew cleaning liquid should not be applied to the windshield of their cars. Here are some special conditions of the windshield:

First, do not use cleaning fluid if the windshield is a premium car glass produced in Europe and Japan. Their production windshield contains a laminated coating, so the application of mildew cleaning fluid will leave white spots on the windshield.

Second, do not use liquid if there are fine scratches on the windshield wiper rubbing rubber. This will instead reinforce the existing scratches on the windshield.

Third, do not use mold cleaning liquid on the glass that has been “polished” because cleaning fluid can reduce the thickness of the windshield.

Before you try various ways to get rid of mold on your windshield, you should understand things that you should avoid like some of the information above. This is important so that you can get rid of mold on the windshield effectively.

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